Cheers Vol. 3- Friends & Family

Hi friends!!

Welcome back to Cheers, The Artie Party weekly celebration! 

Last week I talked a lot about me... This week, I want to talk about YOU! 

I value having you and my other subscribers on this list SO much! I consider this small group to be my friends and family 😊 All of you have already done so much to support my small business, and I appreciate you so very much. 

I've been busting my booty trying to get my shop ready to launch, and a few weeks ago I set a goal to launch on July 8th. The date doesn't hold any significance, but I think at the time it was 3 weeks in the future and that looked like a good day! As a back up, I also threw out July 14th as another nice sounding date. 

So, being my friends and family, I plan on doing a private launch that will be available exclusively to you, and only you! I mean, you, as in the collective of all of you 😉. I intend on sending out a special offer to this list only, as a thank you for joining me on this journey, and quite frankly, for being my guinea pigs as I work out the kinks!

Stay tuned for next week's message! I'll be crossing my fingers that I will have a better idea of the exact launch date when you will officially be able to shop my collection of handmade goods, DIY projects, and gorgeous air plants! 

Until then, cheers to you, and cheers to a warm, fun & safe holiday weekend!

Julie Bedard

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