The Artie Party Events

You came to the right place! The Artie Party curates high quality, hands-on experiences to supplement events of all types, sizes and demographics. We have a proven track record of creating fun and engaging craft projects with an emphasis on using live raw materials, ie. plants, dried florals, clay, wood, and repurposed natural elements that can be tailored to incorporate your event branding or theme. 


Hanging Air Plant Bell Cup

Combine the joy and relaxation of painting with live air plants, and you have yourself a winning group project that everyone will love! In this event, guests will be creating their own hanging air plant pot made from a dried and preserved citrus fruit rind. Available for in-person, virtual or hybrid events.

Clay Air Plant Wall Hanging


There is nothing more relaxing than having your hands in clay! Get your hands dirty with your team in this fun and easy 'planty' project, and create a stunning hanging for your home or office. Available for virtual events only.


Ceramic Painting & Live Air Plants

Fun, easy to follow instructions, live plants and premium materials… This group activity is a no-brainer and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!


"Julie is absolutely amazing at what she does, she's so creative and her attention to detail is flawless. Our team loved this activity and she made sure we had everything we needed, and we had a blast! Would definitely recommend it!"

-Lisa, Neon Rose

"I had such a great time during the event. The host was so sweet, she was very good at explaining instructions. Her back story behind her business was nice and I highly recommend them!"

-Rachael, Twitch