Hanging Air Plant Bell Cup

In this event, guests will be creating their own hanging air plant pot made from a dried and preserved citrus fruit rind. Talk about repurposing! These 'Bell Cups' come pre-drilled and ready to paint and hang. Through a guided demonstration from creator and maker, Julie, learn basic techniques for paint mixing and application tips to create a truly one of a kind plant hanger.

Once your pot is painted, turn it into a wall hanging with the vegan leather cord and wooden ring, and fill with the included air plant for a chic and earthy look. During the workshop, attendees will receive tips for maintaining and caring for their plants, as well as some general air plant knowledge and fun facts.

Each hanging kit comes with a 'Bell Cup' (Dried citrus fruit shell), 6 paint colors (customization available), 1 set of pro quality brushes, vegan leather cord in a warm leather color, a wooden ring for hanging, and care instructions for the air plants.


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