About Me



My name is Julie, and I am the creator of The Artie Party. I’m married to the most supportive and loving husband, Mike. We have the sweetest doggo named Artie, and I love having fun! I’m creative and crafty. A bad dancer and a worse singer- but I still do both. I make a damn good cocktail, but suck at cooking. I embrace the imperfections in things I create and like to say, ‘it gives it character’. I live in an apartment in Carlsbad, California, and I love my little community. I walk to ‘the village’ almost daily with Artie, and a lot of the time with Mike too. I love a simple life, but also crave adventure, fun, and pretty things. I try not to take myself too seriously, but I also like making my dreams a reality. I have a budding green thumb (see what I did there!?) and love punny jokes. My home is a mix of organized chaos, cozy touches, and a smattering of my one of a kind creations.