About Me



My name is Julie, and I am the creator of The Artie Party. I started this company in the spring of 2020, right as the pandemic struck. I was home like a lot of people, having left my corporate job of 8+ years, and I saw the opportunity to do what I love most- make and create! 

I started off making face masks and selling to my small Instagram community. It was a major need at the time, and I was swamped! Once masks became more readily available, I decided to create something that people wanted, not just what they needed, so I launched my first official Artie Party product- Cactus Clay. The idea was to create something that would allow people to connect with others, have a fun activity to do from home, and to do something creative. The Cactus Clay DIY kit, an adorable cactus sculpted out of clay topped off with an air plant, led me to meet my local air plant growers here in Southern California. Once I saw their amazing collection of air plants, in all the different sizes and varieties, I started designing products that would really show off their unique beauty.

Theartieparty.com launched in July of 2020, and has evolved into a rad collection of air plants, and one of a kind, mostly handmade air plant holders. Aside from shopping here, I am active locally in events, markets, and live classes. Connecting with my customers is so important to me, and being able to face to face is so special! 

Thanks so much for your interest in my brand, products, and me :) I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love, and to share it with you! 

-Julie Bedard