How long will it take to receive my order?

Please allow 3-5 days for processing... I prefer to ship early in the week to make sure that all plant babies arrive safe and healthy. Shipping is standard ground, First Class USPS. If faster processing or shipping is needed, please reach out to us at: hello@theartieparty.com


Can I purchase Cactus Clay already made?

Now that's no fun! If you really want a pre-made Cactus Clay, purchase one for one of your crafty friends and ask them kindly to make it for you  😉


How do I take care of my air plant?

There's 3 things that air plants need...

  1. Air- good air circulation is a must, so don't seal it in a jar or Tupperware 
  2. Water- Air plants should be thoroughly wetted (is that a word?) 2-3 times a week- more in hot/dry climates, and less in cool/humid climates. Aim to water in the mornings so they have plenty of time to dry. Douse under a faucet, or let them take a bath in a bowl.
  3. Light- Lighting is key... just like your best selfies. Bright, indirect or diffused light is best. These plants will not thrive in your cave/dungeon unless they have some really bright fluorescent lights. 


How do I get access to the How-To videos after I purchase a DIY kit? 

Your DIY videos will be available via email after you purchase your kit. If you are purchasing as a gift, you can either forward the email/video links, or add in their email address at the time of the purchase.


How do I hang my hammocks and/or my slings? 

I recommend a thumb tack, nail, or command hook. They're super lightweight, so all 3 options should support it well!


What air plant do you recommend for a beginner? 

Ok, first of all, don't be afraid of air plants. In fact, don't be afraid of any plants! Plants are friends. I specifically choose hardy resilient varieties that are perfect for beginners. If you're really afraid, then I'd recommend going with a less expensive option in the beginning in case it doesn't do well. 

Worst case scenario, it dies, and you try again!


Can I include a personalized message if I am purchasing a gift? 

Absolutely! leave a message in the notes section at checkout and I will gladly write a note on your behalf! 


**Any other questions, please reach out to us at: hello@theartieparty.com