Ceramic Painting & Live Air Plants

Fun, easy to follow instructions, live plants and premium materials… This group activity is a no-brainer and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

In this event, guests will be designing, painting and sealing high quality ceramic pieces using premium paint and brushes, then topping them with live plants for a long-lasting piece of home or office plant decor.

Create fun, simple and modern painted ceramics with easy to follow steps through a live guided demonstration by host, Creator and Maker, Julie. We’ll start with introductions and any announcements from the organizers, then jump right into the design of the piece we’re making. We’ll cover paint mixing and application, sealing the project, and some general air plant info and care.

Each kit comes with its own pre-made ceramic piece, 6 paint colors, premium brushes, ceramic sealant, paint tape, and live air plants.

Suitable for in-person, virtual or hybrid events.

Choose between these 4 options:

Party Animal Piñata

This fun and quirky project is perfect for your next fiesta! Paint this adorable ceramic donkey piñata with a colorful selection of paints, then finish with a shiny glaze, and a colorful air plant.

Trinket Plant Tray

Transform this ‘catch-all’ tray into a piece of lovable, sophisticated plant decor! Apply custom mixed paint colors over top of paint tape to create striking geometric patterns, & finish with a shiny glaze. Top it all off with an air plant.

Cylinder Pot With Stand

This elevated plant pot is super chic and a ton of fun to paint! Apply your custom mixed paint colors over top of paint tape, then finish with a matte sealant and add your Premium Air Plant to create a one-of-a-kind piece of plant decor.

3 Air Plant Wall Pockets

Make a statement with this upscale set of modern wall hanging planters! This premium kit comes with 3 different shaped plant pots and 3 air plants to fill them, plus all the supplies needed to complete this fun project.

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