Fun With Clay

It's like Play Dough for grown-ups!

In this event, guests will be creating their own air plant hanging out of clay using a special air dry terra cotta clay- that's right, no heat required! Through guided instruction from our Creator and Maker, Julie Bedard, sculpt four plant pots out of clay using a 'pinch pot' technique that anyone can easily and quickly master.

You'll start by dividing the clay into four pieces, rolling the pieces into a ball shape, then pinching away to create a simple cup shape perfectly sized to hold an air plant. Julie will encourage you to get creative with your pots to create textures and individual shapes, or to go completely rogue and make something entirely from your imagination. During the workshop, attendees will receive tips for maintaining and caring for their plants, as well as some general air plant information.

Each clay kit comes with approximately 1 pound of non-toxic terra cotta air dry clay, 4 individual air plants, a sponge for smoothing the clay, cotton cord to string the cups once dry, a circle cutting tool to make a hole for the strings, a wooden ring to hang it from, and care instructions for the air plants.

(The clay takes approximately 72 hours to fully dry, so a part 2 'how to hang your pots' guided tutorial video will be shared for participants to finish the project once the pots have dried.)

*This event is customizable and other clay projects are available, please inquire! 



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