Cheers Vol. 2- Our Mission Statement

Hi! It's me, Julie¬†ūüėä

Welcome back to Cheers, The Artie Party weekly celebration! 

In the second edition of this newsletter, I want to talk about something that brings me much joy, and has always been one of my guiding principles... Freedom! 

I just got back from an amazing trip to the Bay Area to visit some very dear friends, and family and to celebrate Father's Day.¬†*Don't worry, my hubby and I both took Covid tests before we left town¬†ūüėȬ†Any who,¬†¬†I took about 5 days off to connect with MY people,¬†and had the most wonderful, soul-feeding¬†time!¬†¬†

And here's why I have freedom on my mind... I left town without putting in a request for time off, worrying if I had enough saved vacation time, etc... I felt the joy of freedom in not having to get permission to take a vacation. To just be able to jump in the car and go! 

Ok, sure, I was concerned about taking 5 days off and letting the wind out of the sails of this budding business, BUT nonetheless, it was my choice! It's the (not so) small things like that, that encourage me to keep at this so that I have the freedom  and ability to connect with the people I love the most.

Which brings me to the intention of writing this message, to share The Artie Party mission statement.

Landing on this mission statement has given me a compass to steer from. It's The Artie Party's North Star. With this, I am able to navigate my way through deciding what types of products, experiences and services I should be offering, what type of feeling I want people to have when experiencing this brand, and how I want to operate as a business owner. It's given me the permission to take the time off to connect, have fun, be creative and experience the pretty things in life. 

Here's a big ol' cheers to freedom! 

Julie Bedard

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