Cheers Vol. 6- Opening Week

It's been almost a week since went live, and what a week it's been!

Opening 'my shop' this week has been one of my proudest accomplishments! I've always wanted to make my own products and share them with the world. This was a literal dream come true for me.

I want to share a fun story. So, last Wednesday, I went to Trader Joe's to buy every single snack that they make, because let's be real, snacks are LIFE! Once my cart was too full to add anything else, I headed to the check out line, and ended up striking up a conversation with the kid that was ringing me up.

At one point he asks me, 'So, do you have a family?' Clearly he thought I was feeding a family of 5 with all the crap I bought...

I said, 'Nope, just me and my husband, but I work from home so I like to have good snacks around.'

He responded enthusiastically, 'Oh! What do you do!?'

I said, 'I own my own business!' I probably actually blushed a little and had a huge cheesy smile on my face, which you couldn't see either of through my mask, but I realized that was the first time I've ever said that! And I was so freaking proud of myself!

I have a whole lot of work to do to make this business successful, but it is SO worth it to me, and I am SO proud that I'm making my dreams come true, and extremely grateful to be doing it.

So this week I'd like to cheers to turning dreams into reality!

XO, Julie Bedard

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