Cheers Vol. 1- Welcome!

Hi there, it's me, Julie¬†ūüėä

Welcome to Cheers, The Artie Party weekly celebration! 

I should probably start by explaining what The Artie party is... Simply put, it's the umbrella that all of my creative ideas and products live under. Maybe umbrella isn't the right word, maybe I should call it the rainbow balloon arch with tinsel fringe and glitter streamers that all of my creative ideas and... You get the point.

In this first installment, I want to share¬†with you a little bit about what brought me to the ‚ÄúCactus Clay‚ÄĚ project and a few thoughts about what‚Äôs next!

But before we go there, I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your support, purchases, comments, shares, and likes.¬†Any and all feedback, advice, and/or long-distance air hugs are ALWAYS welcome ūüôŹ¬†
You may not know much about me, so here’s a quick glimpse into the last 3 months of my life: As I was hunkered down and quarantined like many of us, I got a call one day from my sister who asked me to make her and her family some face masks. I said, 'sure'! I pulled out some fabric, made a pattern and sewed one. It was easy enough for me that I thought, I’ll post this on my Instagram and see if anyone else needs any… 5 weeks later, I made and sold over 500 masks. 

The success of my little mask-making business, that I sorta unintentionally started, gave me a little capital to work with and a boost of confidence. Watch out world!  I have had so many ideas and possibilities going through my head... 

But if there was one thing that I learned over these past few months, it was the importance of connectivity and finding a way to bring people together.

So, I created a DIY craft, combining three things that I LOVE: clay, painting and air plants. Cactus Clay was born.

I knew that this little experience in a box could connect families that were far apart, friends that hadn't been able to see each other, homebound coworkers that were still looking for team building activities... or, a chance for some therapeutic 'me-time'. AND it was a way to spread joy- which has become my weapon of choice in these crazy times. 

My goal now is to continue to develop and spread more Cactus Clay joy, launch a shop-able website and continue to dream up what’s next… Which thankfully is the easy part.

Thanks for reading and following along with my journey. I intend on sending a message out weekly, so stay tuned for more!

Sending love and hugs!

Xo, Julie Bedard

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