Release The Hounds!

Happy Hour

Ready for another 'Friday Happy Hour' cocktail recipe?

.... I sure hope so! Today's cocktail is called 'Release The Hounds' and it's a deliciously refreshing recreation of one of my favorite restaurant cocktails!

It features fresh squeezed grapefruit and lemons, a pineapple infused vodka, and a splash of club soda. Be careful, these go down very easy! I snagged this recipe from one of my favorite bar/restaurants, The Wild Goose in Costa Mesa, Ca.  

I chose this recipe to feature this week, because it also happens to be National Mutt Day! BTW- that's me, holding my favorite mutt, Artie 🥰 *Yes, I named my company after my dog...But can you blame me?

This recipe calls for a pineapple infused vodka, if you've never infused a hard spirit before- it's VERY easy, but you do want to do it ahead of time, preferably overnight. Just cut up any fruit that you choose, drop it into a sealable jar, cover in your liquor of choice and let set. Ta-da! That's it.

If you want to keep this for a while, strain out the fruit after about 2 days. I used Smithworks American made vodka... which I later found out is country superstar, Blake Shelton's brand! Makes me want to listen to country!

If you love a light, tart, refreshing cocktail, then you will love this spin off of the classic Greyhound.

P.S. I didn't add any simple syrup or agave to my recipe, because I love the tartness, plus, the pineapple in the vodka provides just enough sweetness for my personal taste!


Recipe for 'Release The Hounds'

4 OZ Pineapple Infused Vodka

4 OZ Grapefruit & Lemon Juice

Club Soda

Agave or Simple Syrup to taste

Pineapple for Garnish

  • Cut pineapple into chunks to fill mason jar. Cover with vodka. Let sit overnight.
  • Juice grapefruits & lemons *Makes about 12 oz. of juice
  • Pour 4 oz. of vodka, and 4 oz. juice into shaker with ice. Shake and pour over ice. *Add agave or simple syrup to taste
  • Top with club soda, and garnish with pineapple.





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  • Auntie Sue on

    I love the sound of this recipe. Thanks Baby Girl. Love you

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